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Thiefbeaters supply specialist theft deterrent solutions to protect any mobile property. Fitted to thousands of items including vehicles, caravans and trailers, Thiefbeaters is recognised by leading insurance companies as a tried and tested system with overwhelming performance levels. Incorporating MicroDot technology, the Thiefbeaters system is a comprehensive array of identification techniques applied to your property in 40-60 separate locations - only 20% of which are visible to the human eye.

It is a statistical fact - property that has been fitted with the Thiefbeaters system is highly unlikely to be targeted by thieves in comparison to property fitted with traditional security such as wheel clamps or hitch locks - even alarms and tracking systems. A Thiefbeaters system gives you more than peace of mind - it works as a theft deterrent, it works as a tracking device, it makes cloning of your property impossible. 99% effective in preventing theft of plant vehicles - Thiefbeaters anti theft solutions can be installed easily at your premises by one of our professional mobile technicians.

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Caravan Security
You've just purchased your new leisure vehicle - congratulations!...
Security is an essential requirement for all caravan and motorhome owners today and we're here to help you make the right choice regarding your security purchase.
Thiefbeaters is the ideal security system to provide you with reliable protection to keep your motorhome safe.

Trailer Security
Catering trailers, exhibition trailers, horse trailers and others are very attractive to thieves.
Thiefbeaters are specialist in preventing theft and have a wealth of experience with all high risk markets. We can help you make sure you're not a easy target.
Plant & Machinery
Plant theft is a huge problem as many owners have unfortunately experienced and finding the right solution is sometimes difficult.
Thiefbeaters is a solution that has been 'tried and tested' on thousands of items of plant with outstanding success.
Protecting wood chippers and other landscape equipment is essential.
After 7 years of using Thiefbeaters Permanent Identification System we can categorically state that a chipper fitted with Thiefbeaters is less likely to be stolen.
For existing customers who have recently purchased property protected by Thiefbeaters we have specific forms that you can download, sign and send back via our freepost address.
  • Over 900 million pounds of high risk property successfully protected
  • Multi layered solutions provide the best protection for your property
  • Insurance approved with significant premium savings
  • The chosen theft deterrent of leading manufacturers and finance companies
  • Delivering a professional service 24 hours a day throughout the UK and Eire
  • Details registered onto a secure national database
Latest News
EU Council rules that Effective Parts Marking will be effective in reducing organized theft

A 20K catering trailer stolen in March 2006 was recovered by Thiefbeaters a few weeks ago following a site visit by Thiefbeaters personnel to Kent. The trailer has now been returned to its rightful owner. Thieves had removed a number of internal fittings and re-sprayed the trailer, but could not defeat Thiefbeaters Permanent Identification. The uninsured owner is delighted and describes Thiefbeaters as "the best 200.00 I have ever spent".
Whilst the primary design of Thiefbeaters is to stop theft, and is currently running at a near 99% success rate, when it does fail as a deterrent, the fact that it is irremovable (unlike mechanical locking devices) it posses excellent recovery properties.

50th OVERSEAS INSTALLATION Thiefbeaters recently completed its 50th overseas installation when Senior Engineer Steve Hardy made the trip to Calais, France to install Thiefbeaters Permanent Identification onto a German Touring Caravan which was making its way from Germany to Spain. Thiefbeaters was an insurance insist for the customer, and he was delighted with the service provided by Thiefbeaters. "The cost of Thiefbeaters still worked out less than any tracking system, and I didn't even need to break my journey".